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i-linked is the last stop on your way to efficiency and productivity!

While I-Group's software has traditionally focused on the insurance industry and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO's), any organzation that is focused on sales, fullfillment and sharing data across complex business models can use i-linked Human Asset Streaming™ technology.

I-Group's i-linked Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud based system that represents a giant step beyond traditional CRM and sales software. The i-linked Cloud removes bottlenecks in traditional business models by providing a real-time link between vendors, agents, carriers, employers and employees so they can do business in the most efficient manner possible.

Bricks and mortar users love the i-linked Cloud because they can work with prospects and vendors in a very hands on personal manner while enjoying the efficiency of easy to use cutting edge technology.

Each party works together in our secure, encrypted environment. Sharing information, providing fulfillment, and support with ease. Using i-linked H.A.S. enables each person you touch.

Two week processes happen in two days! Two day process in two hours! Put your Human Assets first! Build relationships efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Put i-linked's Human Asset Streaming™ to work for you!

3rd Party Vendors and Partners

image Break the barriers between your vendor and your company! Don't wait another second to share data that is tied up in faxes, folders and file cabinets. Enable your vendors to collaborate with you instantly. see it