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Ideal for individuals referring business to industry partners.

Independent Producers

Producers part of larger org such as a sales rep at a PEO or agency
Ideal for team members who have multiple subordinate users and only see the business from their team.

Territory Managers
Team Support Personnel
Ideal for C-Level Managers and Organizational Dept. Heads that see ALL business within an org.

VP of Sales
Dept. Heads
LEVEL 1 features +
LEVEL 2 features +
  • Contact management
  • Submit/edit/update prospects
  • Track prospects through the pipeline by status
  • Calendaring / Events / Tasks
  • Upload / Share electronic documents
  • Download / Access electronic pre-filled forms
  • Dynamic interviews by workers' comp code
  • Static producer dashboards and reports
  • Forecasting
  • Referral to partners
  • Automated notifications & Reminders
  • WSYWYG email and threaded messaging
  • Advanced record search
  • Quick Report Widgets
  • Templating Engine for signatures and emails
  • Conduct online interviews
  • Online sales collateral repository
  • Manage direct reports
  • Multiple team internal / external Sales management
  • Dynamic tab and Dashboard creation
  • Group selling across organizations
  • Reporting
    • Producer
    • Client
    • Vendor
  • Dynamic vendor relationship assignment
Account Options:
  • i-Commissions / Calculate all of your internal and external producers commissions on i-linked .net
  • Co-branding / Styling to match your company's online branding and color scheme.
  • i-Marketing / Capture leads from your website directly into i-linked
  • i-Geek administrator
  • All levels have 1GB of data file storage up to 10GB per organization. Additional storage is available on an per organization basis.
i-Geek Services:
  • Personalization of your collateral materials
  • Make your Forms Data-ready
  • Prefill Data Ready Froms (example: Employee Applications)
  • i-Fulfillment Backoffice Services
  • Importing and Exporting of Legacy Data
  • Custom Application Programming by i-Geeks
  • Application Consulting by i-Geeks

Enable your Team


Your employee and business partners are integral part of your success. When they have everything they need to support your needs, everyone becomes more valuable. When these Human Assets can respond in real time you reduce your time from capture to close! see it