Human Asset Streaming™

human (hu·man) [hyoo-muh n or, often, yoo‐] consisting of people
asset (as·set) [as-et] A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality
streaming (stream·ing) [stree-ming] a technology for transferring data so that it can be received and processed in a steady stream

What is Human Asset Streaming

Human Asset Streaming™ is all about the human in the business equation. On a day-to-day basis each and every person doing business at a faster pace than yesterday are asked to provide, take, offer, enhance and handle data in dozens of ways. Whether we are sending an email, filling a form or sharing important data, each task we do takes the toll of time and effort.

Not again...

Things get more complex as the information is transfered on a person to person or an organization to ogranization basis that shares little or no consistancy the further it gets from you. Welcome to the non-efficient mindnumbing norm of the new global business. We will collect, filter, input, re-input, improve, re-input, complete, send, re-send, respond and it continues ad infinitum. Once it does get routed to another organization they are subjected to the same unproductive loop.

Lets learn something new!

With i-linked theres a better way! Whether you're sending information in your organization or to six people in six other organizations we can bring consistancy to your process. You are often required to learn yet another new system(s), study new methods and become knowledgable in applications that we may never use again. With i-l inked you and your partners are a team.

Do me a favor and put me first!

When you are working in an environment with H.A.S. you are working where the Human is first. Whatever the task, when you are building information you can be confident that it will be portable to the partners you need to share it with. So your team won't be repeating the same task again and again. When information is improved it is improved to the benefit of all.

Keep me in the loop!

You are always in the loop when you are on the i-linked cloud. When the status changes on a deal that you are working on the system notifies you based on your settings. Users recieve automated system messages that keep them informed about the next steps and the needs of the team they are working with.

Support Your Team


Support is key! No matter the make up or size of your team, i-linkeds' Human Asset Streaming™ technology, brings you together. So when you need to deliver support to one another or your prospects and clients you are ready. see it