COVID-19Support and Resources

A note to our clients and friends working in the PEO and P&C insurance space.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, we are all working through what that means for us. We are all quickly learning how to protect our families, our employees and our businesses.

We are fortunate that in ordinary times, people feel safe going to work and around their communities. In these unusual and uncertain times, our homes may provide a safer place to work.

It is becoming increasingly clear that no one is exempt from this pandemic. Employees in many types of businesses are being told by their companies to work remotely and we are all being advised to spend less time in public spaces and more time at home.

We’ve been thinking about ways in which we can help our community manage in this new environment and we want to help where we can.

For those of you who are our customers, you already know how Partnering Platform allows you to work directly with your internal employees, your external partners, and vendors from anywhere. In an effort to help you stay safe and continue to grow your business, beginning today 3/18/2020, we are sponsoring free accounts for all new users for the next 60 days and our team will provide training to these users at no cost. So please feel free to invite anyone from your internal team or external network of PEOs, brokers, agents and carriers. We are all in this together and working together makes us all stronger.

People around the world are finding themselves in a new business reality. Many are quarantined at home and others have travel restrictions. We hope by offering our resources for free it will ease the burdens placed on you, your team, and your business partners. We hope to create more opportunities for our wider community, so everyone can feel more comfortable doing business online and nurture new partnerships, while staying safe.

Lastly, if you are struggling with how to work with your partners remotely, reach out to us. Please keep up with the news that covers your area and stay safe.

Take Care,

Your i-geeks Team

I-Group's Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud based system that represents a giant step beyond traditional CRM and sales software. The Cloud removes bottlenecks in traditional business models. Providing a real-time link between PEOs, brokers, agents, carriers, and other 3rd party vendors, so they can do business in the most efficient manner possible.

Each party works together in a secure, encrypted environment. Sharing information, providing fulfillment, and support. Using two week processes happen in two days! Two day process in two hours! Put your Human Assets first! Build relationships efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

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