More than a CRM is a partnering platform where everyone you need can be added to a deal no matter where they work. allows you to add Agents, Brokers, PEO's, MGA's, and Carriers to each deal so that everyone contributes to a single record and notifies the team of each status update as deals move through the pipeline.

This platform is a great tool


enabling disparate groups, companies and individuals to collaborate on individual deals, on a case-by-case basis. What separates it from the other available systems is it functions as a marketplace deal engine for PEOs, MGAs, and independent agent producers. There’s no such thing as a “bad deal”, when there’s a possible solution for every risk, through collaboration.

- Eldridge Bravo

Vice President of Sales at Zynergia
“We are here to serve and always be innovative in creating products that nurture collaboration and productivity.
To provide meaningful, tangible benefits to all of our Human Assets both internally and externally.”